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Cheron 32MM: Darth Bra In-Vader

Here’s more of those Cheron 32MM Star Wars pics from Top Heavy Amateurs. In this set Darth Vader get’s curious…

You just know there’s going to be some very heavy deep breathing going on behind the The Vader’s mask in this set! Great stuff from Top Heavy Amateurs.

All pics courtesy of Top Heavy Amateurs.

5 Responses to “Cheron 32MM: Darth Bra In-Vader”

  1. smotherme Says:

    The sight of those beauties and that huge bra will get ole Darth
    breathing heavy – but then he does that normally it seems.
    Will Cheron offer to remove her bra if Darth will doff his helmut?

  2. Gaz Says:

    Yes, his respirator must be working overtime. lol

    *waves hand* “You WILL let me fondle your boobs.”
    Soon after: “Forget finding the rebels, we’re doing a raid of this busty jedi’s homeworld, Titooine.”

  3. Dave Says:

    That’s a big bra yet she’s bursting out the top AND the sides of it! Even Darth Vader’s gloves look tiny by comparison. The dark side is powerless against a force of such magnitude. Come to think of it everyone’s rendered a bit weak in Cheron’s presence, her giant breasts exhibit a gravitational field equivalent to a black hole of boobs.

  4. Jimmyjam43 Says:

    When the good Lord Made Cheron He broke the Mold. My word! Her breasts are mouthwatering!! I just wish she’d make more (or whomever shoots her) vids…….more accessible to her fans…..Much thanks for the pics

  5. Femsup Says:

    Brilliant Gaz.There must be a least one planet in the universe but probably countless ones where huge breasts of this size are the norm.Yes great play on the word tatooine.

    Yes Dave it si trully astounding how she overflows that lovely bra.Darth is unleashing forces he nor any person can control.

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